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New Sunday Night Lineup!

Starting on Sunday 11/15 we will have two new classes on the schedule!

from 4-530 will be a Detox Flow that is gently heated … It will be a level 2/3 practice  that will help you detox your mind and body to prepare for your week. ….Don’t let the level 2/3 scare you, there is just an assumption you have done yoga before  :)Taught by Liza Lokich and Christina Mullaney

Then from 6-730 Megan Eddy will be teaching a sweet Restorative practice!!! Now you can begin and end your weekend with her great guidance !

Free Thanksgiving Flow with Debbie

Thursday November 11/26 from 9-1030 with Debbie …. FREE!!!!!!!

Come start your day with us for a sweet. sweaty flow that will prepare you for whatever your family can throw your way! This class is FREE to show you how grateful we are for you!!!!!! Food Donations will be accepted for the Community Food Kitchen….

Mommy and Me Yoga
We are excited to announce the launch of our Mommy & Me Yoga class here at LEY.  Every Thursday beginning December 3, at 11:30 am, Lisa Rae will lead moms and their babies through a 75-minute practice.  The practice is designed to help mothers in several ways:
  • Increase flexbility and muscle tone
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Stretch shoulders and back muscles
  • Reduce stress and cultivate mindfulness
  • Meet and interact with other moms
  • Do something positive for your body, mind, and soul
  • Have fun with your child!
Babies of all ages are welcome to attend with their moms.  Bring whatever you’ll need to make you and your child comfortable.  And don’t stress if they want to sleep, cry, or be fed during class – it’s just part of the practice!  Come and experience the joy of sharing your yoga practice with your little yogis!
We look forward to seeing you on Thursdays at 11:30 am.
Jivamukti Inversions: Sthira Sukham Asanam Finding Steadiness & Joy in Inverted Postures
Practice with Bristol SUNDAY 12/6 from 1230-230 $30
Jivamukti Inversions: Sthira Sukham Asanam
Finding Steadiness & Joy in Inverted PosturesInversions demand what we call dharana or complete absorption in the object, in this case staying balanced upside down! This focus helps us quiet the mind and be present. In a headstand you can’t help but pay attention! Inversions are a great way to refine our dharana and evolve a steady understanding and practice of the breath, bandhas and drishti. When we drop in to this focus, we feel simultaneously expansive and grounded and our highest intention unfolds. We’ll especially focus on cultivating steadiness and joy as we go upside down; we’ll approach these challenging postures with a lighthearted sense of fun and a calm confidence that all will come with practice.We will begin with a dynamic vinyasa sequence to align and open the shoulders. We will then focus upon inverting, both on our own and with partners. All levels of yogis (except complete beginners) will benefit from trying these fun and interesting poses, especially with modifications, props and partner work. We will balance with expansive backbends, grounding forward bends and a long, juicy savasana to finish.
Wellness Wednesdays- Essential Oils with Michelle Nuener

You’re Invited!!

Wellness Wednesdays

Natural Solutions with

doTERRA Essential Oils

Just our monthly Essential Oil Learning. If you are curious about what essential oils, but aren’t sure where to start, this is the class for you!!  We will discuss what is an essential oil, how to use them aromatically, topically, internally and simple tips to bring these natural nontoxic solutions into your home and office.

Join in as Wellness Advocate, Michelle Neuner explores the natural benefits of Pure Essential Oils. She will share insight on how  essential oils can be used for seasonal ailments, breathing issues, stress management, digestive issues, homemade cleaning products and pain management to name a few.

This is a fun class were we smell, touch and taste our way to better health.

WEDNESDAY, December 9    

6:00PM – 7:00pm

Please RSVP or if you have questions? 

Michelle Neuner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate


To order:

Free Community Classes are back!!!!

register here

Once a month on  select Saturdays from 3-415

The dates are as follows 8/22, 9/19, 10/17, 11/14, 12/12, 1/2

This will be a class taught by recent graduates of the 200 hour teacher training program. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get some free yoga while an up and coming teacher will be able to share with you their wonderful gift of teaching….

Strong Medicine Yoga 200 TT with Jessie Dwiggins

Strong Medicine Yoga

200-HR Yoga Teacher Training with Jessie Dwiggins, E-RYT

Breathe Deep & Discover Your Strength!

Discover your unique yoga gifts and how to share them with the world. Imagine the potential students waiting for your unique style of teaching. Don’t deprive them of you!

Designed for inquisitive yoga students, aspiring teachers, and yoga teachers seeking to enhance and refine their abilities, this yoga teacher training will help you elevate your practice and hone your craft.

You will learn to blend the right amount of technical knowledge, joy, power, and spirituality into your practice and teaching. You will leave with the ability to safely and soulfully guide others through their practice.

Modules Include:

  • From Um to Om™陽: Public Speaking for Yoga Instructors
  • Yoga Specific Anatomy
  • Breath and Pose Fundamentals
  • Thematic Class Sequencing
  • Effective & Magical Assists
  • Injury Modifications
  • Yoga Philosophy & Ethics
  • Mindful Eating

What is Strong Medicine Yoga?

Breath, yoga and real food are strong medicines. They have tremendous power to heal. Strong Medicine Yoga combines intelligently sequenced vinyasa yoga and mindful-eating practices to strengthen and nourish the body. The intent is to create a highly functioning body to help students reconnect to their spirit and live a vibrant life.

About Jessie

Join Jessie Dwiggins, E-RYT for this Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa Teacher Training. Jessie has been teaching Forrest Yoga and Power Yoga since 2007 and practicing since 2003. She graduated from both the Foundational and Advanced Teacher Training programs with Ana Forrest. Jessie holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in exercise physiology and nutrition. She is also a licensed Am I Hungry?®陽 Mindful Eating facilitator.

Jessie will help you explore and push your physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. She will motivate you and talk you through your head games. She will create a space for you to look inward and love yourself.

This is your opportunity to transform how you relate to the world!

2016 Training Dates: 

January 8-10

January 22-24

February 5-7

February 26-28

March 11-13

Apr 1-3

May 13-15

June 10-12

June 24-26

Weekend Schedule:

Friday – 4-9 PM

Saturday & Sunday – 8-5 PM

$2600 total cost ( $108 nonrefundable deposit required with registration)

Payment plans are available

Questions about TT content- Email

Questions about payment plans or registration- email

register here

There will be Free informational sessions about the training on Wednesday 9/23 at 530pm and also on Sunday 11/1 at 330

Winter Solstice practice with Tricia Nikodem

register here

class cards can be used or $15 drop in

On Saturday December 19 at 1230 pm, Come Celebrate Winter Solstice with a Lunar Flow practice as a way to balance oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Winter Solstice…is one of the oldest and most potent rituals of renewal as the turning point of increasing light from December 21st onward. It is the sacred juncture within yoga that mirrors the drawing of the light and in-breath into the lotus of the heart – a linking of the individual and cosmic flow. The longest night of the year bears within itself the promise of the return of the light, the “rebirth” of the Sun. We honor the cycles of life, death and rebirth, the dark night of the soul and the rebirth of new hope and vision. When we move deeper into the darkness instead of avoiding it, we find the gifts the darkness holds. To some, that may mean moving into the shadow aspect of self. What needs to be released, to be brought into the light of our awareness? Even in our darkest moments we can find the seeds of growth and healing within.

Restorative Yoga to celebrate the Winter Solstice

On Sunday December 20 from 6-8 pm PM


Register Here

With Megan Eddy and Aeriel Arthur ….

Enjoy two hours of full relaxation by candle light while soaking in the sounds of a live harpist! Class will entail 8- 10 poses that are each held for around ten minutes. Blocks, bolsters, blankets and sand bags are used to support the body for the duration of these poses. This support triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which causes the body to relax and give out a big sigh. In a world filled with uncertainty, restorative yoga helps the individual feel safe, secure and supported.

This is not by any means a physically demanding practice. Poses are very passive and relaxing.

During the class Aeriel will be offering participants Reiki.  Reiki is a Japanese ancient healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It is a non intrusive energy based practice that goes perfectly with restorative yoga.

Free Holiday Eve Flow!!!
On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we are offering a free  class to give our thanks to you!!!!
Lori and Debbie will be guiding your way into the Christmas Eve celebrations, Sharon and Lori on New Years Eve…. Come have some fun and flow!
12/24 from 9-1030
12/31 from 9-1030
Free New Years Day 108 Suns!!!
Sleep in and then come welcome in 2016 with a bit of sweat!
108 Suns guided by Debbie and other teachers from our Laughing Elephant Family to wake up your body and wake up your spirit!
This is a free class to thank you for a whole year of coming down to share your energy with us at Laughing Elephant!
Friday January 1 from 12-130
Am I Hungry? with Jessie Dwiggins

register here

January 20 2016- March 9 2016

Meeting Wednesday nights from 6-730pm

$325 with books

Am I Hungry?®陽 Mindful Eating Program



Knowing how to listen for when you’re hungry and what to do when you’re not hungry but still want to eat means having the power to meet any health goal.

Maybe you’ve tried cutting carbs, recording every ounce of food that passed your lips, and attending weekly meetings. Maybe you’ve enlisted a friend for accountability, but just found yourself thinking ‘I don’t know how they do it.’ And where has that gotten you? Defeated, guilt-ridden, and even more worried about food that you were.

The problem is, when you look to other people as experts, you overlook the expert in you.

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program not only teaches you how to eat what you love, but also shows you how to tap into your inner expert to make the best choice for yourself when you’re hungry.



  • Discover simple, yet powerful approaches for knowing when, what, and how much to eat.
  • Overcome emotional and mindless eating.
  • Eat the foods that you love without guilt – or overeating.
  • Choose nourishing foods – without confusing nutrition jargon or diet rules.
  • Find ways of moving your body that you truly enjoy and aren’t punishment for eating.
  • Free up all the energy you lose obsessing about food or your body to build health and joy.


Materials. You’ll receive a copy of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle and Companion Workbook by Michelle May, MD.


Eight, 90-Minute Workshops. Each week, you’ll meet with Jessie and other people in your group. In these live sessions, we will cover, in depth, the signature Am I Hungry? strategy for mindful-eating. There will be lots of opportunity for participation and Q & A.


This workshop is held as eight consecutive sessions to create momentum toward making change. Yes, it’s a time commitment, but just think: investing this time now means not having to spend energy on diets or worrying about food later.

VIP Participant Portal Pass. You will be granted full access to the Participant Portal, which includes ways to track your progress and a private participant forum. Use the form to share anything that seems relevant including your ‘ahas’ and ask for support around challenges you encounter.

Daily Inspirational Emails. Mindful Moments, designed to mirror what you’re learning and motivate you.


Jessie’s mission is to help you feel better in your own skin. Jessie discovered Am I Hungry? while completing her graduate degree in nutrition. Tired of the constant struggle of trying to lose weight, only to feel deprived and exhausted, it helped her to make peace with food and her body. Jessie is a licensed facilitator of Am I Hungry? and certified Wellness Coach. She is thrilled to empower people to change their relationship with food.

Embody Love Workshop
Sunday 1/10
The Embody Love Workshop will take you on a transformational journey into self acceptance. Women will be given the opportunity to see themselves and their peers through new lenses, ones that do not condition love based on external appearance or limit worthiness to a particular waist size… Lets create a conversation that moves away from “i’m so fat”, “i’m too thin”, “i don’t look good enough” to “I have Purpose”and I am worthy of love and respect”, and ” I have so much to offer”…
This is an interactive workshop that does include a 50 minute yoga practice.. In addition to that we have discussion around Media Literacy, a Body Image Project, Change Your Talk, Make a Commitment, and a Journey to Self Inquiry

This experience will be guided by Debbie Valois who is honored to be a certified facilitator of this program developed by Melody Moore, founder of the Embody Love Movement

cost is $25 and your full payment will be donated back to the Embody Love Movement

Session is limited to 16 women
this session is for women ages 20+ … Teen sessions will be coming soon
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