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Upcoming Workshops

2017 Yoga Teacher Training- 200 Hour YTT with Coral Brown Initiate, Integrate, Illuminate.

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Starting February 2017

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Coral Brown LMHC, e-RYT 500 and Guest Teachers

A teacher of teachers, Coral Brown is known for her integrative, lighthearted approach that fuses the energetic, creative energy of vinyasa yoga with her experience as a holistic counselor. Coral is a licensed mental health counselor and draws on 20 years experience of in yoga, philosophy, and holistic counseling to provide fertile, open space for the processes of healing and transformation. She has trained in the Iyengar and Jivamukti methods and is a senior teacher of Prana Vinyasa flow, leading teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide. Coral is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal and has featured classes on Yoga Vibes and Learn more at

Program Overview:

This 200hr teacher training program is a yoga alliance certified Prana Vinyasa style training. Students can expect in depth exploration, study and practice in the following areas of yoga.

  • Study yoga philosophy and the 5,000-year-old history of yoga, with special attention to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita.
  • Cultivate your personal relationship to yoga, and learn how to live your yoga, on and off the mat.
  • Become more body-aware as we learn basics of anatomy, physiology and injury prevention.
  • Learn yogic breathing (pranayama), the chakra system and subtle body anatomy as tools for deepening your personal practice and skill set as a teacher.
  • Explore basic principles and philosophy of Ayurveda, the sister-science of yoga, for enhancing self-care and awareness.
  • Learn the ethics and business of yoga
  • Build a toolkit for making a meaningful living from teaching yoga including: how to tell your story and write a professional bio that gets you quality work, and how to stay true to yourself while navigating and benefiting from social media.
  • Explore the five movements of prana that serve as the underlying flow of yoga
  • Cultivate the flow of prana through asana, pranayama, drishti, and the use of the bandhas.
  • Acquire the principles and practice of creative and effective sequencing (beginner and intermediate flows). Learn the ritual and structure of a yoga class: opening, namaskar, waves, peak poses, counter-poses and closing.
  • Discover teaching methodologies and integration of the essential yoga principles including bandhas, pranayama, and meditation.
  • Develop your objective observation skills, techniques for hands-on adjustments, use of yoga props, verbal cues and other tools.
  • Learn the breakdown of the family of asanas, exploring key actions of asanas and recognizing common misalignments.
  • Learn fundamentals of yoga including Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar, Classical Namaskar, and four Dancing Warrior Sequences to enhance your self-practice and teach to others.
  • Understand, apply and teach sequencing principles such as vinyasa krama, wave sequencing and the 3-part vinyasa method.
  • Learn to create vinyasa combinations for both beginner, intermediate, and mixed-level students that are safe, effective and inspired.
  • Continuous practice teaching and teaching labs to bring out your authentic teaching voice and style.

Each weekend immersion is Friday 4:00pm-9:00pm and Sat/Sun 8 am-6pm

  1. February 24
  2. March 10
  3. March 31
  4. April 21
  5. May 5
  6. May 19
  7. June 9

Investment: $2600  (payment plans are available $400 per month over 6 months, month #7 is $92)
*This cost covers all weekend modules, monthly Prana Flow Immersions, and a comprehensive manual written by Shiva Rea.
*For those interested in deepening their practice without teacher- training certification the investment is $2300.

*As a registered student you will also enjoy special discounts at Laughing Elephant Yoga on workshops, yoga classes and clothing purchases.
Program Prerequisites:

  • The desire and commitment to deepen your knowledge and love of Yoga.
  • The ability to compassionately share space, thus creating a sacred environment for learning and transformation.
  • The will to surrender to the flow of your natural life rhythms.

Program Requirements for Certification:

  • Attend all weekend modules
  • Attend 10 public yoga classes with Coral, Debbie or an approved teacher.
  • 3 Living Sadhana Cycles
  • Embodiment Project
  • Sacred Reading List and Book Projects
  • Final Exam; written and practical
  • Complete two online study modules with Shiva

To Register:
Complete and return the below application with a non-refundable $108 deposit to

Coral Brown

Laughing Elephant Yoga

4372 Post Rd East Greenwich RI 02818

All questions should be referred to Debbie Valois at

Microsoft Word – YTT200_application.doc

Embody Love Workshop
Saturday March 4 from 1230-330
The Embody Love Workshop will take you on a transformational journey into self acceptance. Women will be given the opportunity to see themselves and their peers through new lenses, ones that do not condition love based on external appearance or limit worthiness to a particular waist size… Lets create a conversation that moves away from “i’m so fat”, “i’m too thin”, “i don’t look good enough” to “I have Purpose”and I am worthy of love and respect”, and ” I have so much to offer”…
This workshop is not just about body image and eating issues, but also about acknowledging our worth in our work, family life, relationships with others and changing the conversations we have our selves to be a much more positive one 🙂

This is an interactive workshop that does include a 50 minute yoga practice.. In addition to that we have discussion around Media Literacy, a Body Image Project, Change Your Talk, Make a Commitment, and a Journey to Self InquiryThis experience will be guided by Debbie Valois who is honored to be a certified facilitator of this program developed by Melody Moore, founder of the Embody Love Movement

cost is $25 and your full payment will be donated back to the Embody Love Movement

Session is limited to 20 women
this session is for women ages 20+ …
Here is feedback from a past attendee… 🙂

Embody Love Movement. What an amazing, live changing experience. I attended a workshop when the mindset of learning about other people; I never thought I would have learned so much about myself. This workshop changed my perspective and my inner thoughts. I learned, listened, cried and experienced so much love and support from all the other ladies’ participating. It was remarkable to learn about how others speak to themselves- the constant judgment, specifically- and to eventually realize the thoughts I was having on a daily basis. I discovered so much about my relationships with others and why I react the way I do to certain circumstances. The subconscious thoughts I had been suppressing for years- finally came up to the surface—what a relief. This workshop gave me a new outlook on where I am in life- and why it’s perfect for me, right now. I encourage every person to attend this workshop; to learn, to experience and to grow and become comfortable (maybe even) confident with yourself.Lyndsy Tainsh

Immersion With Coral Brown

 Register Here

Saturday 3/11


Full Details coming soon

Spring Equinox Restorative Yoga with Megan and Aeriel

Saturday March 18 from 4-6pm


This workshop moves you through a series of deeply nourishing and supportive poses, helping you to release stress from both body & mind. Guided meditation, Yoga Nidra and Reiki. All props are supplied. Dress comfortably and bring a small blanket & sweatshirt.

No prior yoga experience required.


Yoga and Journaling Immersion with Dave Ursillo

Saturday 3/25 from 3-5
Traverse from pent-up and stuck-voiced into effortless self-expression – with the guiding help of yoga!

This 2-hour yoga and journaling immersion with your host, Dave Ursillo (ERYT200), combines grounding and meditative yoga with guided journaling prompts.

If you ever find writing or journaling frustrating, this is for you. Dave has been helping dozens of yogis (of ALL levels) find more effortless self-expression and personal reflection through yoga.

How does the immersion work?

Beginning with pranayama (breathing) and light seated meditation, you’re ushered into a reverent container to evoke your inner muses. As we move, we traverse from the mental-plane (where overthinking and fear derail our writing efforts) and arrive more deeply into the Wisdom Body, from which expression flows.

You’ll enjoy up to 10 seamlessly-threaded journaling pauses between our flow, concluding with a longer journaling-savasana, to bring your experience to completion.

Only $30.


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Melody Moore coming to LEY!

Dr Melody Moore, the founder of the Embody Love Movement will be coming to LEY for a transformational weekend April 7-9… $50 for a single session, $175 for the full weekend…

register and full class details here

Embody Life Workshop Series

Welcome to Embody, a philosophy and workshop series designed by Dr. Melody Moore Blending yoga + meditation + psychology, Embody workshops gently but powerfully help you break through the barriers in your mind and heart in a safe and transformative environment.

Have you been trying to think your way into a better life rather than LIVING it? Have you noticed that there are certain patterns in your life that keep recycling no matter how much you try to outsmart them? When you live from your head rather than embodying the truth of what matters to you, it takes a toll. It impacts your relationships with yourself and others and causes life to feel more grayscale than color.

But it’s your time to break through. “Okay” is no way to live.

Think of it as Eastern Philosophy meets Western Psychology in a safe, movement-oriented and soul-stirring space. With thousands of hours of experience as a psychologist, trainer, and teacher, you’re in expert hands. Melody has a natural gift for seeing the essence of her students and helping them coax it to the surface so they can uncover happiness, peace, and possibility.

Each 2.5-hour Embody workshop includes a blend of meditation, yoga, experiential learning, journaling, and a conversation that invites your participation in a safe & supportive setting. (also have available to each specific workshop).

Experienced yogi? Unveil the next level in your own growth and development. Teachers, especially, are welcome to open up to new insights, or simply refine your facilitation skills. 

Just stepping onto your path of self-knowledge? You don’t need years of experience in yoga or meditation, only a willing heart and open mind. Melody will guide you through the rest. 

Are you ready to EMBODY?

(Choose one workshop or join us for a full transformational weekend.


Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT is a social entrepreneur, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, yoga teacher, author, and speaker. She is the founder and president of the Embody Love Movement Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world. Dr. Moore’s work has been featured in the books Yoga and Body Image (eds. Klein and Guest-Jelly) and Yoga and Eating Disorders: Ancient Healing for Modern Illness (eds. Costin and Kelly) as well as National Geographic Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Origin Magazine. She created the collegiate BodyImage3D program for Delta Delta Delta, and is their subject matter expert on self-love and body acceptance. Dr. Moore serves as a faculty member for Off the Mat, Into the World, a social-profit that empowers leaders to become conscious activists. She is the National Eating Disorder Association’s advice columnist, a founding member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and an advisor at World Muse. In her private practice, she has spent over 15,000 clinical hours specializing in recovery of Eating Disorders through integrated treatment of psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation.  Dr. Moore teaches yoga and embodied expression workshops and trainings internationally. In 2015, she was featured as one of ten “Game Changers” by the Yoga Journal and chosen as one of 100 “Most Influential Global Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide” by EBW2020.  



Immersion with Coral Brown

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Saturday 5/6 from  2-4 pm


Full details coming soon!

Embody Love Facilitator Training with Debbie Valois

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New session dates coming soon!

Embody Love Movement® Facilitator Training
A Training Course On How To Facilitate Embody Love Movement Workshops
Debbie Valois 500ERYT will provide a 15-hour weekend training in how to facilitate this inspirational program, with access to each of the curricula. This weekend training course is for any self-empowered woman, including therapists, educators, yoga instructors, and moms, who feel inspired to offer our workshops to schools, camps, community centers, yoga studios, and other non-profit organizations.
What is a Facilitator?
Facilitators are women who lovingly share Embody Love Movement’s revolutionary programs in studios, schools, camps, community centers and other non-profit organizations. The workshops that they facilitate focus on emotional expression, exposing media myths, changing the conversation from criticism to kindness, and recognizing self-worth and purpose.
How facilitators make a difference: This training provides facilitators with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in our programs to:
♥ Value who they are internally over their external appearance
♥ Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness
♥ Stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty and to others
♥ Find inspiration to embrace their purpose in the world About The Training & Certification

The weekend immersion will include:
♥ Participation in an Embody Love Workshop led by Debbie Valois
♥ The being and doing of facilitation: holding safe space
♥ Projection, transference, and shadow work in groups
♥ Using yoga as a tool to find and keep body acceptance
♥ Finding your voice and sharing your truth: story telling that heals
♥ The detriments of body shaming and comparison
♥ Teaching media literacy and demystifying standard of beauty
♥ Practice, practice, practice of facilitation through role play
♥ How to spread the LOVE revolution to your community

Debbie is honored to have been trained and is currently mentored by Dr Melody Moore, Founder Embody Love Movement.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. There will be plenty of individual instruction, Q&A time, and practice sessions with feedback. As an Embody Love Movement® certified facilitator, you will leave feeling empowered and prepared to take workshop programs into your community. Who better than you, and when better than now? Training costs are $395 per person, which covers the entire weekend. There is also a payment plan options to pay $50 or $100 payments

Save the Date! Nikki Myers is coming to LEY!

Join us September 22-24, 2017 for a Breaking Barriers training at Laughing Elephant Yoga in East Greenwich, RI.

This workshop on codependency will help you to develop a deeper relationship with self.

Full schedule and pricing to come…

want to know more about Nikki ?


Save the Dates! Patrick Beach is coming to LEY!

Foe an amazing weekend in November, Patrick Beach is coming to RI!!

Check him out

Am I Hungry , A Mindful Eating Program with Jessie Dwiggins
Look for Spring Dates coming soon!
$325 with books
Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program
Finally! A program to stop the diet rollar coaster so you can eat what you love without guilt – and live a healthy life.
What You’ll Learn:
Discover simple, yet powerful approaches for knowing when, what, and how much to eat. Overcome emotional and mindless eating. Eat the foods that you love without guilt – or overeating.
Choose nourishing foods – without confusing nutrition jargon or diet rules. Find ways of moving your body that you truly enjoy and aren’t punishment for eating. Free up all the energy you lose obsessing about food or your body to build health and joy.
Are you ready to find your inner expert?
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