Does it ever feel like “body acceptance” is a good idea in theory, but actually impossible? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel like you never measure up? Do you ever let the way you feel about your shape or size hold you back from getting what you really want in life? Do you tell yourself that when you’re thinner/leaner/tighter, THEN you’ll be able to get that job/role/date/raise?

Life is too short to play the when/then game with your self-confidence. “Someday” is no way to live (plus, it never comes).

Join Dr. Melody Moore, social entrepreneur, psychologist and yoga teacher, for a powerful weekend to transform your relationship with your body from the inside-out.

Embody Love Yoga uses the best of Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, in an environment that fosters vulnerability, soul seeking, and heart opening, to reveal to you what’s  on the other side of your body insecurities and negativity. Come learn and implement powerful tools to re-image your body so you can use your limited energy to fully inhabit joy and find purpose and meaning in life. No one was put on earth to be thinner, or to look prettier. We all have necessary contributions to make. Through yoga practice, processing, journaling, and meditation, Melody provides a new lens through which to connect with, radically accept, and transform your relationship to your body.