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Thursday! Pre-Friday!!!! Come do yoga as we slide into the weekend: Debbie jumpstarts the day at 7a, and then there's a double dose of Lisa as she teaches a basics class at 9:30a & then sticks around for mommy and me at 11a. Lori will twist it out at 12:15p, Tricia is in at 4:30p, and Sharon rounds out the day with a funky flow at 6:15p....come do yoga! Kristen Lemoine ( formally of Luniac Glamour) Will also be at the studio today from 4 to 7 doing some waxing!!! Stop by for better brows ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Upcoming Workshops

Yoga and Running with Megan Eddy

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Session one is Saturdays beginning June 11 and runs till July 23

Session 2 is Saturdays beginning September 10 till October 22

Our bodies are not perfectly balanced. Our bodies compensate for our imbalances which cause tight muscles to get tighter and weak muscles get weaker. The repetitiveness of running further causes challenges . Yoga will help to strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles and improve range of motion. This class will introduce you to runner specific poses and routines you can use for all of your pre and post runs.
The mind is just as important as the physical body when it comes to running. Running is 90% mental. Train your mind and the body will follow. Using the breath as a tool to focus the mind, relax the body and conserve energy will make you a better runner. This class will teach you breathing techniques and will assist you in identifying wasted energy.

Saturdays beginning June 11
and runs till July 23
Goddard Park
8:30 am- 10 am
30 minutes of yoga
30 minutes of running or walking or combo
15 minute cool down
$10 per session ( please register and pay online)
meet near the big rock at the first park entrance

We are Closed on July 4Th! Go Outside and Play!
Get on the Mat for off the Mat with Lori and Debbie!

Get On The Mat For Off The Mat!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

6:15 pm

Laughing Elephant Yoga
4372 Post Road
East Greenwich, RI  02818

Suggested Donation $15

Lori Mancini
Lori Mancini is a freelance television sports producer, yoga studio owner, 200-RYT yoga teacher (and perpetual student), and writer. Between her love of Boston sports, yoga, and communication, Lori believes in meeting passion, loyalty and dedication in all areas of her life.  When she’s not working with major networks such as ESPN, CBS, and FOX, she can be found biking across New England and hiking with her dog, Bodhi.

Debbie Valois
As a dedicated student and teacher of the Flow, Debbie offers an approach to yoga that is both playful and transformative. Through creative and carefully designed sequencing, Debbie offers space for students of all levels to gently come to their evolutionary edge with grace and joy while cultivating strength and humility.
Debbie takes her yoga practice off the mat and lives her life as an embodiment of joy and light.

Get On The Mat For Off The Mat!
90 Minute Flow Class with Lori and Debbie flair!
We’re hosting a very special donation based class for Off The Mat Into The World.This vigorous vinyasa flow class introduces advanced postures, including arm balances, inversions, and standing balances. Come move and play for a great cause! All proceeds will go to Off the Mat Into The World…come on, we need more leaders…help us help them!

Happy To Be Here! With MC Yogi and Amanda Giamcomini
Thursday August 4, 2016 6-8pm $70
No refunds for cancellations after 7/30… sorry… sell your spot to a friend 🙂
Taught by MC Yogi and Amanda Giacomini
Happy To Be Here!

Stoked, Inspired, Grateful, these are just a few words that describe the feelings of being truly awake, present and happy just to be alive. In this easygoing vinyasa yoga class we’ll drop into that sweet space where we can allow these good feelings to naturally unfold inside us, giving rise to the experience of feeling truly blessed.

Taught by MC Yogi and Amanda Giacomini

From headlining music festivals to teaching some of the biggest yoga classes in America, MC YOGI is widely becoming known as yoga’s modern day ambassador to the West. “We want to make sure that we’re not skimming the surface. As yoga evolves in America it’s really our responsibility to dig down and discover where it comes from, how it relates to us, and how we can really move it forward so that it can benefit humanity…” – MC YOGI With three #1 World albums and hundreds of appearances each year, MC YOGI’S music is moving yoga to large, mainstream audiences. MC YOGI & his wife Amanda Giacomini have performed and taught at The White House, Stanford University,The Smithsonian, SF Asian Art Museum, Dallas Asian Art Museum
& more. MC YOGI has given a Ted Talk as well as taught at Juvenile hall and at Hanna Boys Center for at risk youth, in Northern California.
Amanda Giacomini
Amanda Giacomini has dedicated her life to uplifting people and creating more beauty in the world through yoga and art. From teaching yoga at the White House to presenting at some of the biggest yoga festivals, conferences and Asian Art museums in the world, Amanda infuses the ancient teachings with creativity and joy. Her journey in yoga began in 1994, and she continues to study with many great Indian and Western masters.
In 2001, along with her husband, MC YOGI, she founded Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes, CA. She has been featured in Yoga International, Origins, Marin Magazine, Happiness + Wellbeing as well as appearing the cover of Yoga Journal and Mantra Magazine. As an artist, she created an award winning series of children’s books, called Mo’s Nose, that feature her beloved rescued pit bull, Mo, as the main character. She has a catalog of paintings inspired by her yoga and spiritual practice. Currently she is working on a project to paint 10,000 Buddhas.
Ayurveda Workshops with Lisa Weinberg

This Fall we will have a 3 week series with Lisa Weinberg guiding the way into understanding more about Ayurveda and how this sister science to yoga can work for you!

Wednesday nights  545-645

for the series $75 drop in $30

September 14

What Is The Meaning Of Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, made up of two words Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda mean science or knowledge. It is translated as science of life.
It is one of the most ancient and comprehensive medical sciences of the world.
Ayurveda is a science of your mind, body and spirit. It is a consciousness-based approach to health the brings harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

September 21

Find Your Dosha
According to Ayurveda, the five main elements are; ether, air, fire, water & earth. When combined give rise to Doshas. VATA, PITTA, KAPHA
These three doses are found in our body. They are responsible for all biological and physiological functions, and they are present in all of us.

September 28

Agni & Ama
Agni, the digestive fire is responsible for digestion, metabolism, and conversion.
Ama, Undigested food
Incomplete or partially digested food is left behind in the digestive system.


Color- Full Yoga with Lori Mancini

Color-full yoga!!
Saturday, September 17th
12:30p, $15.00

What do you get when you combine a fantastic yoga class with brightly colored powder?
A whole lotta fun!!!!!

You get to do yoga, douse color on your fellow participants, and you get to sweat glitter! Smiles and laughter are guaranteed. A whole lotta crazy colorful fun!!! This will be the brightest class evah! Color yourself happy!!!!
Please wear something white to class, and beach towels as opposed to mats are encouraged.

Debbie and  bunch of the other teachers will be there too making your day more color-FULL!

Vinyasa Krama- A Master Class with Theresa Murphy

On Sunday October 16 from 1230-230 Come experience Theresa Murphy at LEY!!!!


To register click here

Come immerse yourself in the depths of asana practice.

The word vinyasa is composed of two words: vi = order + nyasa = placement; and the word krama means “the uninterrupted sequence of events from beginning to end”; so the entire term means “the ordered placement of the sequence of events.”

Usually shortened simply to “vinyasa,” it refers to a flowing sequence of asanas linked by breath and intention. In this special class we’ll go thru a complete practice in that we’ll move in all directions.

This class is for seasoned students of asana, as we will practice more complex shapes and advanced asana. My definition of an advanced student, however, is one who knows how to take care of themselves and how to modify more complex shapes into shapes that are digestible for them.

It’s encouraged that students attending this class can push up into urdhva dhanurasana, kick up to handstand, can fully flex (bend) both knees, and can fold into lotus (or know how to modify). Students with less experience are welcome, but might learn more by watching at times!

Want to know more about Theresa ? click here

2017 Yoga Teacher Training- 200 Hour YTT with Coral Brown Initiate, Integrate, Illuminate.
Starting in January 2017
Initiate, Integrate, Illuminate…..
Yoga Teacher Training
200Hr YTT with Coral Brown 500ERYT
200 Hour Teacher Training with Coral Brown
Coral Brown MA, e-RYT 500, is a senior teacher trainer of Prana Vinyasa® Yoga, created by Shiva Rea. She leads retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, and is honored to be a Yoga Journal Conference presenter. Coral’s teaching style fuses the energetic, creative energy of Prana Vinyasa® yoga with her experience as a Holistic Counselor. Her integrative yet lighthearted approach invites students to unite mind, body, and spirit to transcend physical asana and create space for conscious evolution. By honoring the breath, students are drawn into the “river of prana,” connecting with the universal life force and increasing their own capacity for compassion and self-revelation. Coral received her Masters of Arts from Salve Regina University’s Holistic Counseling program. She sees clients and teaches yoga classes at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI and Laughing Elephant Yoga in East Greenwich, RI.
Yoga Alliance 200hr Teacher Certification Program
-Explore the five movements of prana that serve as the underlying flow of yoga
•Cultivating the flow of prana through asana, pranayama, drishti, and the use of the bandhas.
•Principles and practice of creative and effective sequencing, (beginner and intermediate flows).
•Ritual arc of class and structure: opening, namaskar, waves, peak poses, counter-poses and closing.
•Teaching methodologies and integration of the bandhas, pranayama, and meditation. •Navigating flow-movement meditations, development of observation skills, technique for hands-on adjustments, use of props, use of verbal cues, and other tools.
•Introduction to mandala of asanas, family of asanas, and key actions of asanas.
•Learn Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar, Classical Namaskar, and four Dancing Warrior Sequences to enhance your self-practice and teach to others.
•Understand, apply and teach sequencing principles: vinyasa krama, wave sequencing and the 3-part vinyasa method.
•Learn to create vinyasa combinations for both beginner, intermediate, and mixed-level students that are effective, creative, safe, and fun.
•Understand how self-practice and teaching can serve the flow of daily life – living sadhana. •Apply Shiva’s 3-part vinyasa methodology to standing poses, backbends, arm balances, core abdominals, forward bends, hip openers, twists and inversions. • Practice teaching and teaching labs
Training Dates and Times:
7 Weekend Immersions:
 Each weekend immersion is Friday 4:00pm-9:00pm and Sat/Sun 8 am-6pm
To Register:
•Download and print the application
 Microsoft Word – YTT200_application.doc
•MAIL completed application and $108 deposit (which does count towards your total tuition)
to: Coral Brown c/o Laughing Elephant Yoga 4372 Post Rd East Greenwich RI 02818
Investment: $2600  ( payment plans are available $400 per month)
*This cost covers all weekend modules, monthly Prana Flow Immersions, and a comprehensive manual written by Shiva Rea.
*For those interested in deepening their practice without teacher-training certification the investment is $2300.
*As a registered student you will also enjoy special discounts at Laughing Elephant Yoga on workshops, yoga classes and clothing purchases.
All Questions should be referred to Debbie Valois by email at
Program Prerequisites:
*The desire to deepen your knowledge and love of Yoga.
*The ability to compassionately share space, thus creating a sacred environment for learning and transformation.
*The will to surrender to the flow of your natural life rhythms.
Program Requirements for Certification Attend all weekend modules in addition to 15 classes with Coral or Debbie, or an approved teacher. (Please note, additional classes are not included in cost of program)
Complete the following:
*3 Living Sadhana Cycles *Embodiment Project
*Sacred Reading List and Book Reports
*Final Exam; written and practical
* Complete two online study modules with Shiva
Questions? Contact Debbie Valois
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