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Adoption Event for EGAPL
The East Greenwich Animal Protection League is being forced to move from their current location before their more permanant facility is ready….. To try to help them create forever homes for these sweet fur babies, we will be hosting an adoption event on the front lawn this Saturday April 29 from 12-2! If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, here is a great opportunity! 
Want to know more about EGAPL?
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Mkindred Pop Up!

Mkindred Pop Up!!!

Saturday May 6 from 10-2

come see the beautiful jewelry designed by two beautiful ladies!!!

Mkindred is an inspirational jewelry line created by two kindred spirits of Wickford, Rhode Island. Two women, Melanie Ryan and Keri Marden, met each other in 2011 and soon discovered they are each others kindred spirit!

They both grew up with a love of jewelry and an attraction to gemstones and the beauty within their meanings. It was simply kismet that they came together to create their business, MKindred, LLC.

Spring Cleaning with Coral Brown

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Saturday 5/6 from  2-4 pm


Spring Cleaning

Time for the annual cleanse! The changing of seasons offers an opportunity to clear out patterns and habits and reconnect with our authentic self. Within this class, multi-dimensional sequencing will allow us to integrate standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists and hip openers to open our bodies and minds for the coming of spring.

Wellness Wednesdays with Michelle Nuener

Wellness Wednesdays with Michelle!


May 10th – 7:15PM  – Thyme to Clean

This cleaning season, why not try something new? There are many reasons to go natural with your cleaning products, including concerns over being exposed to toxic chemicals and creating less environmental waste.  Essential Oils are a safe, effective and an inexpensive alternative.  Make and Take: All Purpose Cleaner.  $5 fee, all materials provided.  Please register.


June 14th – 7:15PM – Essential Oils and Pets

We love our furry friends!!!  They give so much and we want to care for them in easy, natural and safe ways.  Join in learning how 1-2 drops can help your pets be healthy and happy.  Make and take:  Pet Bug Repellant $5 fee, all materials provided.  Please register.


If you have questions? Michelle Neuner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate


More Information:

Embody Love for Teens with Lyndsy and Katie

Saturday May 13


ages 15-18


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The Embody Love Workshop will take you on a transformational journey into self acceptance and self confidence. Young ladies will be given the opportunity to see themselves and their peers through new lenses, ones that do not condition love based on external appearance or limit worthiness to a particular waist size. They will learn to create a conversation that moves away from physical appearance and focuses on intellectual worth and the beauty of their minds. This workshop is not just about body image and eating issues, but also about acknowledging our worth in our family life, relationships with others,  and our school work.

This is an interactive workshop that does include a 50 minute gentle flow yoga practice. The workshop includes discussions around media literacy and social influences, includes a body image project, works on changing self talk, and leads to a path positive self worth. Perfect for heading to college and feeling confident with your voice, body, and mind.

Yoga and Running and Workshop w Megan and RJ

Yoga and Running Workshop
With Megan Eddy and special guest RJ Fournier

Sunday May 21, 2017 12 pm- 3 pm


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This workshop will show you how to apply the principles of yoga to your running through a detailed yoga practice and information session.  No running will take place.

Who should take this workshop?

This program is for runners of every level, athletes of any sport, anyone who is physically active, wanting to learn about basic alignment and yoga principles or running in general. No yoga experience necessary!

Why should you take this workshop?

Our bodies are not perfectly balanced. Our bodies compensate for our imbalances which cause tight muscles to get tighter and weak muscles to get weaker. The repetitiveness of running an other sports further causes problems. Yoga will help to strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles and improve range of motion.

You will learn:

Breathing Techniques-The majority of the day we breathe short and shallow breaths through our chest. This tells the nervous system there is unrest in the body which causes all sorts of physiological responses such as anxiety and muscles constriction. We need to learn how to breathe effectively in order to become grounded. When the body is grounded, it can relax and the nervous systems can work in harmony. If we are not grounded, we don’t have stability. When you are running you need to be grounded and stable.

If we don’t know how to breathe in everyday life how can we know how breathe while we are running?

How can we remain grounded in a world that is constantly in motion and while we are running?

Body Awareness: The body tells us exactly what we need but we rarely listen or don’t know how. We are constantly “looking” for answers when we actually need to be “feeling” for them. It is hard to feel when we are not grounded and focused. As we move around the mat the body will tell us a story about what it wants and needs IF we have the right tools to help us listen. We will use a variety of grounding techniques to help us gain knowledge about the stories our bodies are telling us.

Runner Specific Poses for everyday and Pre and Post Runs- There are certain target areas of the body that runners need to stretch and strengthen more. This practice will address modifications for injuries and identify key areas of the body as we move. You will know what body parts you are working, why it is important and how you can make the pose fit your body. Again, these pose are great for any sport and do not just apply to runners.

Identifying Wasted Energy- Running is hard enough as it is. We will go over a checklist of things that you can do before and while you are running that will help conserve your energy and make your runs go smoother. Even if you are not a runner the same principles can be applied.

Total time: 3 hours
30 minutes of Information
2 hours of Yoga and Breakdown of Poses 30 minutes of Wrap up information and Q&A

About the presenters:
Megan Eddy is a 200 hour RYT certification in Prana Flow under the teaching of Coral Brown, a 200 hour RYT certification in Wild Wisdom Vinyasa under the teaching of Jessie Dwiggins and holds a level one certification in Restorative Yoga under the teaching of Sudah Caroline Lundeen. She is a two time marathon runner and conducts the yearly Yoga and Running program in Goddard Park. She teaches at Laughing Elephant Yoga in East Greenwich.

Special Guest:
RJ Fournier is a certified TRX coach and six time marathon runner. RJ is a self taught runner and has used running as a tool to transform his life. He will share his story and be available during the Q&A for questions.

Free Yoga at Goddard Park with Debbie !!!!!!

On Monday May 29 from 9-1030am join us for some FREE yoga fun!!!!!!

Join the LEY community at Goddard Park for a free yoga class – Play in the Park! Meet us at the “rocks,”, first park entrance.   Look for the balloons and signs. All ages, all experience levels, and friendly dogs are welcome too!!!! Come see why we have won Best of RI for this event twice!
If the weather is iffy we will take it back to the studio! Still FREE!
Please leave your valuables at home or in your trunk… we had a party pooper a couple of years ago that took advantage of things being left on the passenger seat 🙁
Embody Love Workshop with Lori and Debbie
Monday June 19 from 6-9
Guided by Debbie Valois and Lori Mancini
The Embody Love Workshop will take you on a transformational journey into self acceptance. Women will be given the opportunity to see themselves and their peers through new lenses, ones that do not condition love based on external appearance or limit worthiness to a particular waist size… Lets create a conversation that moves away from “i’m so fat”, “i’m too thin”, “i don’t look good enough” to “I have Purpose”and I am worthy of love and respect”, and ” I have so much to offer”…
This workshop is not just about body image and eating issues, but also about acknowledging our worth in our work, family life, relationships with others and changing the conversations we have ourselves to be a much more positive one 🙂

This is an interactive workshop that does include a 50 minute yoga practice.. In addition to that we have discussion around Media Literacy, a Body Image Project, Change Your Talk, Make a Commitment, and a Journey to Self InquiryThis experience will be guided by Debbie Valois who is honored to be a certified facilitator of this program developed by Melody Moore, founder of the Embody Love Movement

cost is $25 and your full payment will be donated back to the Embody Love Movement

Session is limited to 30 women
this session is for women ages 20+ …
Here is feedback from a past attendee… 🙂

Embody Love Movement. What an amazing, live changing experience. I attended a workshop when the mindset of learning about other people; I never thought I would have learned so much about myself. This workshop changed my perspective and my inner thoughts. I learned, listened, cried and experienced so much love and support from all the other ladies’ participating. It was remarkable to learn about how others speak to themselves- the constant judgment, specifically- and to eventually realize the thoughts I was having on a daily basis. I discovered so much about my relationships with others and why I react the way I do to certain circumstances. The subconscious thoughts I had been suppressing for years- finally came up to the surface—what a relief. This workshop gave me a new outlook on where I am in life- and why it’s perfect for me, right now. I encourage every person to attend this workshop; to learn, to experience and to grow and become comfortable (maybe even) confident with yourself.Lyndsy Tainsh

Breaking Barriers: Exploring Personal Samskaras with Nikki Myers
Breaking Barriers: Exploring Personal Samskaras
September 22-24, 2017
Fri: 6-9
Sat 10-4
Sun 10-3
$300/$275 prior to August 25, 2017

Codependency has been called the ‘disease of the lost self’. Thomas Merton wrote ‘To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our time.” This is often how we lose ourselves; we minimize what’s going on inside, while over-reacting to the outside.

This workshop is for anyone choosing to develop a deeper relationship with self. It is ideal for those whose family system is affected by addiction as well as those in the ‘helping professions:’ teachers (especially yoga teachers), medical or social work professionals and healers.

Nikki Myers

An accomplished speaker, teacher and practitioner, Nikki Myers is an MBA, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Addictions Recovery Specialist, and Certified Health Coach. Born from her personal struggle with addiction, Nikki is the founder of Y12SR, The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery. Based in its theme ‘the issues live in the tissues’, Y12SR is a relapse prevention program that weaves the art & science of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs. Y12SR meetings are now available throughout the world and the curriculum is rapidly becoming a feature of addiction recovery treatment centers. Nikki’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Origin Magazine, and She is honored to be a co-founder of the annual Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Conferences at Esalen Institute and Kripalu Center. Nikki was named as a Yoga Journal Game Changer in 2015 and honored as a recipient of the esteemed NUVO Cultural Visionary Award in 2014.




Save the Dates! Patrick Beach is coming to LEY!

Foe an amazing weekend in November, Patrick Beach is coming to RI!!

Check him out

Embody Love Facilitator Training with Debbie Valois

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New session dates coming soon!

Embody Love Movement® Facilitator Training
A Training Course On How To Facilitate Embody Love Movement Workshops
Debbie Valois 500ERYT will provide a 15-hour weekend training in how to facilitate this inspirational program, with access to each of the curricula. This weekend training course is for any self-empowered woman, including therapists, educators, yoga instructors, and moms, who feel inspired to offer our workshops to schools, camps, community centers, yoga studios, and other non-profit organizations.
What is a Facilitator?
Facilitators are women who lovingly share Embody Love Movement’s revolutionary programs in studios, schools, camps, community centers and other non-profit organizations. The workshops that they facilitate focus on emotional expression, exposing media myths, changing the conversation from criticism to kindness, and recognizing self-worth and purpose.
How facilitators make a difference: This training provides facilitators with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in our programs to:
♥ Value who they are internally over their external appearance
♥ Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness
♥ Stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty and to others
♥ Find inspiration to embrace their purpose in the world About The Training & Certification

The weekend immersion will include:
♥ Participation in an Embody Love Workshop led by Debbie Valois
♥ The being and doing of facilitation: holding safe space
♥ Projection, transference, and shadow work in groups
♥ Using yoga as a tool to find and keep body acceptance
♥ Finding your voice and sharing your truth: story telling that heals
♥ The detriments of body shaming and comparison
♥ Teaching media literacy and demystifying standard of beauty
♥ Practice, practice, practice of facilitation through role play
♥ How to spread the LOVE revolution to your community

Debbie is honored to have been trained and is currently mentored by Dr Melody Moore, Founder Embody Love Movement.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. There will be plenty of individual instruction, Q&A time, and practice sessions with feedback. As an Embody Love Movement® certified facilitator, you will leave feeling empowered and prepared to take workshop programs into your community. Who better than you, and when better than now? Training costs are $395 per person, which covers the entire weekend. There is also a payment plan options to pay $50 or $100 payments

Starting in January 2018 – Wild Wisdom 200 TT with Jessie Dwiggins

Wild Wisdom Yoga is strength based vinyasa yoga; a warmed, powerful class rooted in anatomy, mindfulness, and reconnecting to the body’s instinctive wisdom.


Breath, movement, and real food have the power to energize and restore. Once instinctive choices, they are becoming unconventional practices and those who choose them may be considered a bit wild. Wild Wisdom Yoga combines intelligently sequenced vinyasa yoga and mindful-eating practices to strengthen and nourish the body. The intent is to create a highly functioning body to help students reconnect to their instinctive wisdom and live a vibrant life.

Join Jessie Dwiggins, E-RYT with guest teachers: Sharon McGuire, Debbie Valois, Lori Mancini, Dave Ursillo, and Aeriel Arthur for this Wild Wisdom Vinyasa Teacher Training. They will help you explore and push your physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. They will motivate you and talk you through your head games. They will create a space for you to look inward and love yourself.

Designed for inquisitive yoga students, aspiring teachers, and yoga teachers seeking to enhance and refine their abilities, this yoga teacher training will help you elevate your practice and hone your craft.

You will learn to blend the right amount of technical knowledge, joy, power, and spirituality into your practice and teaching. You will leave with the ability to safely and soulfully guide others through their practice.


Discover your unique yoga gifts and how to share them with the world. Imagine the potential students waiting for your unique style of teaching. Don’t deprive them of you!

Modules Include:

•Public Speaking for Yoga Teachers

•Yoga Specific Anatomy

•Breath and Pose Fundamentals

•Mindful Eating Practices

•Thematic Class Sequencing

•Effective & Magical Assists

•Injury Modifications

•Yoga Philosophy & Ethics

Wild Wisdom Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Accredited School. Teacher training graduates earn the 200-hour level certification upon homework completion.

See the complete list of Frequently Asked Questions at

2018 Training Dates

January 26-28

February 9-11

February 23-25

March 23-25

April 6-8

April 20-22

May 4-6

June 1-3

June 22-24

Fridays 4-9 PM || Saturdays & Sundays 8-5 PM

Price: $2600

Non-Refundable Deposit: $108

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