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Intro to Yoga 4 week Series with Jayme Gray

Starting on Sunday 4/26, 5/10, 5/17 and 5/24 ( skipping the week of 5/3)

all sessions 3-530

$175 for series

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Have you ever left a yoga class with questions and a curiosity for what you just experienced? This course is designed for those wanting something deeper than just the physical movement and want to explore a deeper understanding of why we do what we do on the mat. course description. Yoga is a 3,000 year old spiritual science and physical discipline that consists of breath control, meditation, and asana (poses). This class will give you an introduction to learning basic poses, anatomy of movement, science and benefits, breathing techniques, meditation, ayurveda and a look into styles of yoga from the ancient and modern worlds course outcomes. -students will learn about yoga anatomy, science and benefits -students will explore their ayurvedic dosha and learn how to weave it into their daily routines -students will have a firm understanding of a Sun Salutation and basic yoga poses -students will learn about the histories of different yoga lineages from around the world -students will learn how to use yoga poses for their personal needs based on what they have learned in the class on physical, mental and emotional levels
Radiant Core with Jessie Dwiggins
Radiant Core – Saturday, May 9 from 12:30 – 3 PM
Ignite your inner fires of pleasure and strength. Create luminosity in your core. Cultivating core strength makes you strong and resilient. Using your core during practice will help free you from common injuries and will cultivate intelligence and strength beyond the mat. Learn to reconnect to your intuition and core energy to feel strong and centered, develop self-awareness, and playful curiosity in poses. Explore and connect to your core in a new and refreshing way!
Arm Balance Series with Debbie Valois and Josh Ball

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Saturday 5/16. 6/6 and 7/11


Debbie Valois and Josh Ball are back for more! Arm balances, floating, surfing, and even finding some hangtime upside down !!!! this workshop is so much fun and they have so much to share, they just can’t get it done in one class! This program is a 3 session series.. the progression will be cumulative ( meaning we will start with more foundational pieces in the first session, and session 2 and 3 will be formatted with the thought that your body is remembering what we have done before) and wanting MORE… Can’t make all 3? you are still soooooo welcome to join us, just be ready to dive right in! Dates are Saturday 5/16, Saturday 6/6, and Saturday 7/11 all from 1230-230 $75 for all 3, or $30 to drop in Come join the fun!!!!
Yoga- The Movement with Lori Mancini

Register here

Saturday May 23


suggested donation $15

Join Lori Mancini for a sweet yoga flow class that will benefit different charities locally and globally. Suggested donation is $15, but whatever you can contribute is greatly appreciated… Help Be the Change


Essential Oils and Yoga Workshop


Saturday, May 30th

12:30 a.m. –2:30 p.m. $30 workshop fee

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RENEW:  Encourage the Release of Toxins

Mindfully cleanse the old and make way for the new! Join us for our EssentialYogaProgram workshop’s combination of asanas with dōTERRA® essential oils. Feel rejuvenated from the inside out as the oils assist you to let go and create anew this month.

This all-levels workshop will introduce doTERRA essential oils aromatically, topically and internally to enhance and deepen our practice. Experience the powerful impact as we combine nature’s liquid plant essences with yoga.

Laughing Elephant owner Lori Mancini and doTERRA Wellness Advocate Michelle Neuner will introduce the EssentialYogaProgram in this unique two-hour workshop. Lori is a Producer with ESPN, Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor.  She has created a wonderful holistic community at Laughing Elephant.  Michelle is a Licensed Massage Therapist and yogi who shares her knowledge and passion for essential oils.



yoga and Running with Megan Eddy

Our bodies are not perfectly balanced. Our bodies compensate for our imbalances which cause tight muscles to get tighter and weak muscles get weaker. The repetitiveness of running further causes challenges . Yoga will help to strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles and improve range of motion. This class will introduce you to runner specific poses and routines you can use for all of your pre and post runs.

The mind is just as important as the physical body when it comes to running. Running is 90% mental. Train your mind and the body will follow. Using the breath as a tool to focus the mind, relax the body and conserve energy will make you a better runner. This class will teach you breathing techniques and will assist you in identifying wasted energy.

Saturdays beginning June 6
(june and July)
Goddard Park
8:30 am- 9:45 am
30 minutes of yoga
30 minutes of running or walking or combo
15 minute cool down
$10 per session ( please register and pay online)
meet near the big rock at the first park entrance

All level runners and walkers welcome.

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