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4th of July Funky Flow with Nina!!!

We will only have one class at the studio on July 4th (psst its Lori’s favorite holiday) and its going to be a BLAST!!!

Come see Nina to rock your world from 730-845 for some funky fun before your time in the sun!

yoga and Running with Megan Eddy

Our bodies are not perfectly balanced. Our bodies compensate for our imbalances which cause tight muscles to get tighter and weak muscles get weaker. The repetitiveness of running further causes challenges . Yoga will help to strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles and improve range of motion. This class will introduce you to runner specific poses and routines you can use for all of your pre and post runs.

The mind is just as important as the physical body when it comes to running. Running is 90% mental. Train your mind and the body will follow. Using the breath as a tool to focus the mind, relax the body and conserve energy will make you a better runner. This class will teach you breathing techniques and will assist you in identifying wasted energy.

Saturdays beginning June 6
(june and July)
Goddard Park
8:30 am- 9:45 am
30 minutes of yoga
30 minutes of running or walking or combo
15 minute cool down
$10 per session ( please register and pay online)
meet near the big rock at the first park entrance

All level runners and walkers welcome.

Lotus Life Trunk Shows

On  Saturday July 11 from 730-12 we will be having Lotus Life Trunk Shows…

Beautiful Tshirts with mindful messages that will inspire and empower you…..

Here is more information from Shannon Caldwell, Lotus Life creator…

From ancient Egypt to Asian teachings, esoteric Buddhism, and more, spiritual literature spanning across cultures and time have contemplated the significance of a lotus. Some have viewed it as dual symbol for divinity found throughout the universe and at the center of every individual. Similarly, it represents inner awareness or “the inner heart” that connects us all to a higher consciousness, revealing that we, too, are divine; all we need is to open our petals for this heart center and our spiritual natures to be revealed.

Lotus Life Designs is all about living your life with a lotus-like mind and heart, taking all of the powerful teachings and symbolism of a lotus and allowing yourself to be mindful, compassionate, and open in your life. When you open your heart, your mind can’t help but follow suit (and vice versa). When you unfurl those petals that have hidden your heart and mind from new beginnings you can see things in an entirely new way, bringing about infinite possibility.

The Lotus Life t-shirt line features the lotus heart image as a reminder of the strength it means to come up out of the mud and murky waters, in the same way the lotus grows. Rising above challenges requires you to come from a place of openness in heart and mind, allowing for growth and enlightenment. The purple lotus is significant in that it is not often seen and signifies mystical possibilities and a spiritual path. Lotus Life Designs feature inspirational and empowering quotes to support you on this journey.

Know you are beautiful. Believe you are strong. Live your Lotus Life.

Please visit our website to see all of our inspired designs…

Arm Balance Series with Debbie Valois and Josh Ball

register here

One left!!!!



Debbie Valois and Josh Ball are back for more! Arm balances, floating, surfing, and even finding some hangtime upside down !!!! this workshop is so much fun and they have so much to share, they just can’t get it done in one class! This program is a 3 session series.. the progression will be cumulative ( meaning we will start with more foundational pieces in the first session, and session 2 and 3 will be formatted with the thought that your body is remembering what we have done before) and wanting MORE… Can’t make all 3? you are still soooooo welcome to join us, just be ready to dive right in! Dates are Saturday 5/16, Saturday 6/6, and Saturday 7/11 all from 1230-230 $75 for all 3, or $30 to drop in Come join the fun!!!!
Be Present Logo Clothing is all on SALE!!!!

The folks at Be Present have decided to close their yoga clothing business, so we are trying to get you a last shot at the pants and tanks you love so much ( That have our awesome logo on it!!!)

All Pants ( mens and women’s) $45

Tanks $25

Shorts $25

Quantities limited so get them while you can!

Empowerment, Inspiration, Possibility with Jane Viscolosi

On Saturday September 26 from 1230-230 come join us for an amazing class with Jane !!!!

$15 Drop In or Class cards and all membership programs can be used for payment :)

Register here

The Baptiste Methodology of Practice is founded on the three source principles of:

Physicalness, Empowerment, and Possibility.
This methodology is brought into practice through the techniques of the physical yoga practice of asana,
meditation, self-inquiry.

Jane will present this Baptiste Power VinyasaYoga practice based on the effective and supportive Journey into Power sequence weaving the themes, “be a yes”, “ready now”, and “give up what you must” into
the practice. Baptiste methodology is based on the fundamental idea that within
all of us there is a brilliance that is already perfect, already wise, and
already healthy. The yoga is an opportunity for peeling away layers of the past
and worries of the future in order to live fully in the present moment. This is
the place where personal transformation begins. Jane attributes her own personal
transformation (since her introduction to Baptiste Yoga in 2002) for living an
inspired and empowered life abundant with possibilities and opportunities for growth.

Baron Baptiste speaks directly to the benefits of the practice in his first book Journey into Power. ‘Power yoga is effective on deeper levels because it gives you a new awareness of your body. It brings breath and
consciousness to all your muscles and tissues and you really make the connection
between your mind and body. From there you start to get more in tune with what
your body needs, on and off the mat. You start to make new habits, and then
those habits make you. You begin to see that your body requires your love,
compassion, attention, and care. Whenever you give anything attention a flower,
a child, your body – it blossoms. Once you awaken the truth inside you, it is
not so easy to go back to sleep you naturally start making choices that cleanse,
heal, and free your body and soul.

“In the end, yoga is not a magic cure all, but the way it challenges
our bodies, moves our stuck energy, clears out our mind, and inspires
us to seek and live in truth….it can be a catalyst for amazing  growth.”- Baron Baptiste

Save The Dates for these Workshops with Jessie Dwiggins!

Jessie has great programs in store for you….

Full descriptions coming soon.

From Um to OM weekend workshop $275

 Friday 10/16  from 4-9 Sat/Sun 8-5

Digestion Workshop Sunday 11/1 1230-330 $35

8 Week Mindful Eating Program- Am I Hungry

1/16/2016-3/5/2016  from 9-1030

$325 with books


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