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Lessons From The Mat

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Calm after the storm


We are grateful to have weathered the storm.

We are grateful for family and friends who care for us.

We are grateful to realize that the power strongly comes from within, even when our power is out.

We are grateful for the Full Moon that lit our way these last nights when the velvety darkness was scary..

We are grateful for the unexpected uninterrupted time with loved ones.

We are grateful for our space…for the L to the E to the Y….

Be safe, be happy…and love all ways.


Lessons From The Mat

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From Laughing Elephant to the Giggling Pachyderm and back

It was a good show today. We got up at 4:30a to be on site for 5a. I love my director, my cohort in tv crime who makes even early crew calls fun. So what If the lights went out and wouldn’t come back on, and we were delayed by 7 minutes…which by the way…is an eternity in tv time. Or that the  game went into OT, For once, we got it right. Sometimes it just works.

He calls our yoga studio the Giggling Pachederm. Which is apropros because we do a lot of giggling here. My director doesn’t understand yoga, nor does he care to. But he likes to do good work, and laugh along the way, and that’s basically what we do at the Laughing Elephant. So I bring the Giggling Pachederm to the tv truck, blending the good karma of one space with a completely different one, and in return take the director’s strong work ethic to the mat.

What worlds are you blending?  Do you use the best in each setting to improve them both?  We need to remember that everything is connected.  Sometimes we are the connection for good, for progress, for positivity.  Are you making all that you touch better? And are you giggling along the way? 🙂

Lessons From the Mat

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Taking Flight

Practice Makes Permanent

Whether it is school, work or work-outs, we practice until we get it ‘right’.  We push ourselves until it is ingrained in our muscles and our minds.  We practice to be better, smarter, stronger, more charismatic, more polite, more stable and more…plugged in. It opens us up to endless possibilities.

At Laughing Elephant, we do endless cycles of Warrior 1, Warrior 2, chattarunga, up-dog, down-dog and various namaskars. Loosely translated, a namaskar is a story or a gesture. Every practice is the story of your life at that particular moment. Scary, huh? Because some days are better than others, and sometimes it’s really hard! It’s hard to find the time and the strength, both mentally and physically.

So…why do we do it?

On our mats, practice allows us to flirt with the edge, to make space and to breathe. We laugh, we cry and we encourage.

Off our mats, practice teaches us patience and gives us strength where we thought there was none.  We practice to be better and to be prepared. We practice together. Legendary coach John Wooden said, ‘practice makes permanent’. Amen, Coach.

Why are you practicing?