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2013-Bring It On

by Lori Mancini in Connection Grateful Happiness Practice with 4 Comments

The girls and I were talking about New Year’s resolutions and ruminating as we bring 2012 to a close.Was it a good year? What did we want to carry over? And, what did we want to leave behind? What had we accomplished?  Was it enough?

Who were we? Who did we want to be? How can we best achieve our goals, both personally and professionally?


My two worlds will collide in 2013…tv and yoga.

Lots of questions, and many different ways to get answers. So I will leave it at this:
I think we can do anything together. Together, we are better. 
If you can visualize… it can materialize.
Practice makes possible and permanent.
Strong is the new sexy.
Be inspired. Be you. Now.

Laughing Elephant Yoga. 2013. Bring it on.



Lessons From The Mat

by Lori Mancini in Connection Grateful Prayer with 1 Comment

As requested, here is the prayer that was recited at the end of Debbie’s beautiful class:

We would like to end with a prayer.

We would like to thank the God of your own understanding for blessing us with this amazing community..

We believe Yoga is about creating space.

Space to move, to learn, to grow.

In this space, may you be inspired, and perspire!

In this space, May you feel safe, and loved, and wanted, and heard.

In this space may you laugh, feel ok to cry ,and always extend a hand.


That’s what we cultivate.

That’s who we are.

Help us to  always remember these things so that we can better serve and be served.

With grace, compassion and gratitude, we give thanks.