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Be Present

You know when an idea gets in your head and you can’t quite shake it? And the Universe keeps hitting you over the head with that idea until you have an ‘aha’ moment?

That’s what happened to me this week with this idea: Be Present.

The concept has been needling me for weeks, and I thought I was being present. Ha. Not even close.

I had just gotten off the road after a long and difficult tv weekend and was exhausted.  I was  talking to Nuggs when I mentioned how hard it was to ‘just be’ and said that I had mind clutter. That wise old soul informed me that I wasn’t quite grasping the concept.  It meant truly being in the moment: stopping to not only smell the flowers, but to actually see them. Investigating what is flopping around in the surf (in Debbie’s case a sand shark!). Truly listening to a friend when she says she feels neglected.

Two days later our new yoga pants came in, from the fabulous company Be Present. On their tag was this definition: to exist in the current moment. to be inspired by life. (Amy, who owns this Colorado company, you are brilliant).

I realized I hadn’t gotten it at all. That I  had been wishing time away, glued to my phone, or computer, and telling myself if I can just get through this week. I was the road runner who suddenly came to a stop and was still vibrating. I wasn’t seeing what was in front of me and suddenly feeling like I had missed out on a whole lot. I needed to switch gears and slow down. So I got on my mat and moved. I engaged with our community, walked the dog at the dog park, and went to the yarn shop because I needed to feel more like a girl . I took the time to meet  Nuggs, SOA, and Sharon at Meritage, where we laughed into our drinks.

We all have moments of being too busy…being too hurt…being too sensitive…not being sensitive enough.  Never feeling like you are good enough . That one thought can take us out of our daily rhythm and  sour a day.  At that point we usually become our harshest critics. Stop. When you feel like you are falling, realize it’s okay, you have fallen before. Now GET THE HELL UP. Find compassion for yourself. Show up. Every day, every hour. For every moment is a new beginning,  an awakening and a blessing. My friend Dave says we find our blessings all around us when we grant ourselves the space to see, share, and reap them. Remember them. Honor them. And revel in them.   Be Present.