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I am looking for inspiration on a rainy afternoon. I am a tv sports producer, yoga studio owner, and writer, and today I am trying to get a tv project and a writing project off the ground.  The computer screen stares blankly at me and I feel that wee bit of panic settling in my chest. Some days there’s nothing more frightening than a blank screen. Staring at it was not making anything magically appear, so I reached out into cyberspace and did a random sampling of my trusted friends to see what inspires them. I was completely surprised by their answers.

‘Helping others and trying to be a better person each day.’

‘Ice cream. And my lovely family and friends.’

‘The prayers of my grandmother.’

‘The voice of my soul’

‘Paddling…camping…being outside’


The consensus seemed to be that inspiration could be found in others and through service for others. I’m stunned. I guess I’m not sure what I expected, maybe more of an internal soul search?  Because I have always believed that the wisdom you seek comes from within. You just have to awaken it.  The poet Rumi wrote ‘I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart.’


That got me thinking about inspiration as energy, and if my friends are right (and they usually are) we can tap into it anywhere. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be harnessed as it is in constant motion. Think of inspirational energy as a yoga class; there’s a beginning, middle and end as it builds, crests, and blissfully moves into savasana.


Inspiration is everywhere, in everything, as it is all part of a collective One. We just need to pay attention and know what to ‘look’ for, see what resonates with us and don’t fight the energy or the circumstance.  Find the flow and go with it, tap into its force and use that momentum to your advantage.


With that in mind, I wander upstairs to the main yoga studio, computer in hand, with my canine companions Moses and Baku trailing behind. I sit in this calming, airy room that is home to thousands of students in our community. It once again dawns on me that they come here to recharge on so many different levels. It’s that intangible ‘what makes this place so different and I want to be part of it’ quality that draws people back, again and again.  Inspiration through perspiration. I soak up the vibe, try to be still and delve deeper. I hear my breath, and Mo’s contented sigh, and Baku’s shift against my leg, and I start to tap into the collective energy of this studio. Stories haphazardly hang in the air, students’ internal dialogues and physical efforts float by as their healing stories and the need to just ‘be’ and be part of something are left behind for others to tap into. Energetic footprints, like those left physically in wet sand, remain in this space to comfortingly step into. And step into it I did: inspiration swirled around me and words flowed effortlessly.


My friends are right: Inspiration comes anywhere and everywhere, you just have to find the energetic source that resonates with and within you.


What inspires you?