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by Lori Mancini in Change Happiness with 6 Comments

‘Courage is a love affair with the unknown.’

Change is good, right?

Change of seasons, change in jobs, change in relationships,  change in feelings.  The end result of moving forward into hopefully something better is the good part, but there’s that in between time where we perseverate on whether we are making the right decision. There’s comfort in the familiar, so just the thought of moving in a different direction  can conjure up fears and anxiety and cloud our decisions. Why do we sabotage ourselves?

For some, it’s just part of who we are, the self doubters. It’s in our DNA. For others, it’s how we were raised.   And for still others, especially the creative types, fear and self doubt are just part of the process.

The topic of change came up as I was wandering  New York City recently with my good friend Dave. We meandered through Times Square and talked about change and the challenges of change. The buzz  of the Big Apple on a late autumn morning was palpable as the bright sunlight sharpened all the edginess that NYC has to offer. You could see the vibe that this amazing city has to offer. Dave and I had both hit a crossroads professionally and new opportunities were presenting themselves. What to do?

Follow your heart, go with your gut.

Dave stated that ‘If you’re good, invest in yourself.’ (thank you, Shaka Smart)  Dave has a brilliant basketball mind and is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. Good things SHOULD happen to him.  While one door closed for him, another one opened with the San Antonio Spurs. Yay! So change for him, while initially jarring, totally took him in a different direction, one that he is very happy with. And me? This tv sports producer opened a yoga studio in East Greenwich RI a year and a half ago on a wing and a prayer. Literally. I surrounded myself with people who were better than me, cultivated the most amazing community, and held space for everyone. Laughing Elephant  now thrives as a home for those looking for hOMe.  Oh, and laughter. Lots of laughter. Has it been easy? Heck no! But I never stopped believing in myself,  my yoga family, and my original idea, which was to cultivate community through creative movement.

That leads me to this blog. I’ve always been the voice here, and I’ve decided to open it up to our community.  There are so many beautiful voices here who would like to contribute and I am happily giving them space to do so. The title will also change,  to The Watering Hole.

Change is good, right?

Yes it is.