2018 Laughing Elephant Strong

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Strength is not just about muscle…

Strength is having the courage to be who you really are.

To have the fortitude and faith to show up in this big beautiful world of ours and make a difference.

Strength is about success. And failure. We learn how strong we really are when we fall.

When we we get up and go on.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

When we look at the person starting back at us in the mirror, and offer love and kindness to that person who is so worthy of it, even though we doubt it every time.

We forgive.

We start anew.

With laughter, and togetherness. Because, my friends, we NEVER have to do anything alone.

We are stronger together.

This is the year of Strength at Laughing Elephant Yoga. Come join us on a journey that will help you find your strength, inside and out.



Bring it.

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