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A member of our community asked me yesterday what Seva meant. Seva is a sanskrit term for selfless service, a tidy explanation for sometimes untidy work. The best example I came up with was a shelter. Those who run shelters do the work most of us turn away from: caring for those that are sick, recovering, unwanted and lost. Those beings, two and four legged, who are UNSEEN.

Shelter workers lean in when most people lean back. They tirelessly do the work no one wants to even acknowledge; they dig into horrifying situations and pull those in need up and out.

Every day.

With no fanfare. No recognition. No glory. They do it because they have a passion for the work.

They rarely look for publicity unless it is for something they need for the shelter.

Which, in the weird timing category, came up yesterday afternoon. Our local animal shelter, the East Greenwich Animal Protection League,  is getting evicted from their present location. Like, Thursday. Tomorrow.  By 5p. To say they are scrambling is an understatement.

The shelter reached out asking for help. They need to quickly place as many animals as they can. Could we possibly host an adoption event on Saturday from 12p-2p on our front lawn? We have no details and frankly we don’t need any.


When any shelter calls, the answer should always be yes.

When anyone in need calls, the answer should always be yes.

Lean in. You don’t have to be on the front lines if that’s not your jam. But don’t turn away. Don’t ever look away. Do what you can, because every little bit helps.

Find your Seva. And just do it.
















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Our #BreaktherUles campaign is halfway through. How many rules have you broken? Are you breaking rules set for yourself or standards set by someone else?

Strong. Silly. Uncomfortable.

We’ve been offering a word a day and your vision of that word has been absolutely inspiring.  Easy words on paper, sometimes hard to visually and verbally explore and explain.

Grounded. Stiff. Adventurous.

What do these words mean to you? What do they say about you? Who you are? Who do you portray yourself to be versus who you want to be?

Happy. Adventurous. Sexy.

This campaign has gotten people thinking and opening up in a way they haven’t before. We are told the best part is knowing someone actually is listening and seeing through to them.

Grateful. Supported. Smart.

Sometimes the quietest words sneak up on you. They speak to a place in you that you protect, that most people don’t know exists because you’re not sure it’s safe to share.



As we continue on through the month, one day and one word at a time, let’s continue to challenge ourselves and each other.


BreaktheRules is a month-long, community driven Instagram/Facebook campaign, open to the Laughing Elephant Community and beyond. Participants will showcase their uniqueness and beauty by breaking rules, conventions and social mores through photos.

Why has this happened? Because at Laughing Elephant Yoga we believe in more than the asana. We believe in the creativity of the individual.

Laughing Elephant is first and foremost a community, who cherishes its members, and strictly upholds values. With that in mind, we’re going out on a limb, and saying that the yoga is secondary.  While we truly value the meaning of yoga (‘to yoke’, to bring together), it’s always been more about the people, and what we can do to become stronger. While we love yoga, we love our peeps more.

We want to help you bring your true self to the forefront.

That’s why we are starting a campaign on May 1st.


By being you.  We are going to give you key word every day in the month of May, and we want you to show us what they represent to you. Post your photos on Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtags #laughingelephantusa and #BreaktherUles . Or send them to lori@laughingelephantyoga and we will make sure they get seen.

Get creative.

Get involved.

B U.