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2016 Strong


A new year can be a new beginning.  A year to shed the unessentials, say yes to new opportunities,  and thrive.

If I have one prayer for our community, it would go like this:

Let us let go of the things that no longer serve us.  When we give everything we’ve got and it doesn’t become what we want, let it go. Sometimes we just need to surrender.

Let us run towards our dreams.  What have you been wanting to give yourself to? Choose something for 2016, and commit. Pour yourself into it, will it with intentions, and work towards making it a reality.

Say yes. And say it with enthusiasm and passion.

Show up. Our Susie Gurfein says don’t just survive, thrive in 2016! And Rob Bell preaches that ‘you have to use all your energies for your precious and sacred work. Give your best self to the world.’

Your best self indeed.

Happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.


Lori and the Laughing Elephant family



The Power of the Porch

The front porch.

It’s the welcoming threshold into our home. The porch is a magical gathering place where we learn, socialize, celebrate, mourn, reflect, observe, confide, and just hang out.

Front porches stir memories from childhood. I grew up in Knightsville, an Italian neighborhood in Cranston, and it seemed like everyone had a porch. And not only did they have a porch, they practically lived on it during the summer and early Fall.  I asked my Dad about it and he said years ago, before tv, everybody sat out on their porch. It was their entertainment and a voyeuristic glance around their particular corner of the world.  “You would see your neighbors as they walked by to go get ice cream or some treat, wave a warm hello and sometimes stop and chat.”

I fondly remember my childhood porch; it was the gathering place for family and friends on summer nights. We raced home to make curfew and then plopped down, telling outlandish tales of the day to make ourselves laugh. You’d never know who’d show up to visit, and better yet, bring something sweet.

Laughing Elephant has a porch too. A big and breezy one with adirondacks haphazardly arranged, remnants of the last conversations that took place here. It was the selling point for us; we knew it would be an ideal gathering spot for our community and we were right. Students come early and stay late to sprawl on the steps and watch others mastering  handstands in the front yard.  The porch just draws you in, the perfect spot to savor a moment, to just be in the moment.

The front porch is like a yoga class. It’s home. It’s where we come to learn, socialize, celebrate, mourn, reflect, observe, confide  and sometimes just hang out.

Need a reminder of the magic of the front porch? Or a reminder of how wonderful yoga is? Please come and experience both at Laughing Elephant.


I like the way you move

Outkast said it best: I like the way you move

Movement seems commonplace to us. Yoga and life are always about movement, be it breath, poses, and oms. But it’s also how we think and act and change. A change of location or scenery, growth, graduation or acclimation.
This week, we moved spaces. Having outgrown our hOMe on 58 Main Street in a mere 16 months, we took a nerve-wracking yet exhilarating  journey ever so slightly north to our new hOMe at 4372 Main Street. It’s just a ½ mile up the road but the trip was nonetheless exhausting!

We were fortunate to have amazing assistance from a community of movers. Yogis donated time, energy, resources and kind words to make our big move a smooth transition. We moved our hOMe in one day, in time to open the new studio the next morning for a 7:30 am practice. Whew!
We kicked off our first day with 4 classes, including a FREE community class taught by Dee, a fabulous graduate from our recent Teacher Training program, and the last Debbiepalooza of the season. The day concluded with an Open House, masterfully coordinated by our very own Bitsy. We celebrated our new space and studios with a wonderful assortment of family, friends, new neighbors and a fabulous community.
It’s been a whirlwind week, and I speak for all of the LEY family, when I say:
We are completely overwhelmed and so appreciative of all the support and outpouring of love we have received. We are truly blessed. Thank you!