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2016 Strong


A new year can be a new beginning.  A year to shed the unessentials, say yes to new opportunities,  and thrive.

If I have one prayer for our community, it would go like this:

Let us let go of the things that no longer serve us.  When we give everything we’ve got and it doesn’t become what we want, let it go. Sometimes we just need to surrender.

Let us run towards our dreams.  What have you been wanting to give yourself to? Choose something for 2016, and commit. Pour yourself into it, will it with intentions, and work towards making it a reality.

Say yes. And say it with enthusiasm and passion.

Show up. Our Susie Gurfein says don’t just survive, thrive in 2016! And Rob Bell preaches that ‘you have to use all your energies for your precious and sacred work. Give your best self to the world.’

Your best self indeed.

Happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.


Lori and the Laughing Elephant family



Finding your rhythm… anywhere.

by Lori Mancini in Rhythm with 4 Comments

Nugget and I tested out her new Standup Paddleboard down the Narrow River in Narragansett. It was a picture perfect late afternoon, warm and sunny with a lazy feel. The tide was low, so low the board scraped the sandy bottom at times, and sandbars rose glistening near the point at the Dunes Club. We paddled in and around currents until we found a comfortable glide and then pulled up on an island. Just perfect. (more…)