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Lessons From The Mat

Finish the Drill.

Sometimes the hardest part about a job is completing it.

Finish the Drill.

When nothing seems to be going right, when you so want to quit because you just can’t seem to make anything work.

Finish the Drill.

Because when you least expect it, there’s progress, in dribbles and drabs, and before you know it, the Drill is done, job complete. Checkmark.


Yoga is Hard

by Lori Mancini in Balance Practice Spirit work Yoga with 6 Comments

Yoga is hard.

No one tells you that. Naysayers say it’s all crunchy-granola, sitting in a lotus position and chanting a big fat Om. Ah, perception. And like perception, some is true and some…not so much.

Yoga is movement, changing the way we move through our  lives. It starts with the physical. As your body strengthens and lengthens, you get stronger, and incrementally more flexible. Until one day, you just  ‘get it’.

As you work through the physical, there’s an ever-so-slight mental shift, a belief in you. It’s a spiritual stirring that flutters in your soul, sometimes poking at the uncomfortable and unexpectedly bursting into an emotional flame, leaving you blindsidedly broken and inconsolable on the mat. An amazing yoga teacher, Saul David Raye says, ‘in the breaking there is a sweetness…’ Yoga pushes us to our edge, allows us to touch the darkness, feel its scary black velvetyness, makes us realize its not that scary at all and then pulls us through to the light. We heal, and learn, and move, and move on. Next lesson.

Yoga is hard. But it helps us learn to love our bodies for its strengths and perceived weaknesses. And then finally,  blissfully, we can learn to love our spirit and ourselves.