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Vinyasa Flow

This class is open to all levels, from beginners to advanced students. Come experience the movements of prana (energy) with this invigorating practice. Our teachers will guide you to modify to your personal level. Join us for a class that is all about one breathe, one movement, and exploring your edge.

Yoga Basics

This is an amazing intro to yoga! Yoga basics slows it down while breaking down the more common yoga poses.

Roll and Recover

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Roll and Recover will help you erase aches and pains and refresh your body from the inside out. Using the Roll Model® method and a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls, you will roll away your tension and identify body blind spots: areas that are underused, overused, misused, and confused. Restore your movement patterns to support your body’s structure through corrective exercises, breathing techniques, and self-massage. You will leave feeling aligned and well!

Wild Wisdom Yoga

Wild Wisdom Yoga is strength based vinyasa yoga; a warmed, powerful class rooted in mindfulness and reconnecting to the body’s instinctive wisdom. Wild Wisdom Yoga is a way of working with the body. A skillfully led class breaks down the subtleties of human movement using a yogic lens of awareness, conscious relaxation, and intelligent breathing practices to lead students to an intimate understanding of their native architecture and intuition. The intent is to create a highly functioning body and cultivate keen perception to help students live a vibrant life.

Finding Your Edge

This is a vinyasa flow based on using your strength, breath and intention to move mindfully

Tuesdays at 6pm

Foundational Flow

This class is great for beginners and experienced yogis alike… great place to start if you are newer to the practice, or maybe you just want to slow it down and refine your alignment in the poses.. still a flow class, but more time to pause and take it all in.

Restorative Yoga

Believe it or not this class does not include a single chaturanga (yoga pushup)!  Our RESTORATIVE class is all about using props to support poses and allow for a deep stretch.  Each pose is sustained for 3 to 5 minutes and allows for not only muscle release but fascial release as well.   This class is both relaxing and therapeutic (and requires ZERO effort).  Wear or bring layers to ensure your comfort – socks are welcome!

Forrest Fusion

Forrest Yoga inspired class that Aeriel adds some of her own personal flair too! Comfortably warm and with an extended savasana

Forrest Yoga

Designed by Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga uses dynamic sequencing, taught with compassion, to deeply engage the breath while building strength, intelligent body awareness, and flexibility. In a warm setting, we infuse the benefits of longer pose holds and sweating out toxins to encourage students to deepen their relationship with their authentic selves.

A series of carefully constructed postures, Forrest Yoga is always led through mindful and loving instruction. Each practice includes a very specific theme and intention purposely picked to help students slow down and connect with themselves. Students will be guided to breathe, move, and hold in ways that release emotional blocks, and prevent and heal injury. This is paired with magical assists, without pushing or forcing of any kind, to address alignment and make students feel nourished and cared for. Students will leave equiped with strategies for healing and dealing with life’s ever changing path.

Funky Flow

This class combines a vigorous vinyasa flow with funky music for 90 minutes of jam packed fun…woot woot! Arm balances and inversions are woven in and around a beautiful vinyasa flow practice. Leave thoughts of limitations at the door, because we will show you how to fly!!! Some yoga experience, singing along and giggling are required.

Fierce Funky Flow

After preparing the body with some subtle openings, we will explore 10-15 minutes of conditioning to build strength and stamina , followed by a yoga practice that will balance creating space and strength in the body, finishing up with flexibility training that will help create some extra room in your body.. all with a soundtrack that will keep your heart pumping!”

The conditioning  and “overstretching “portion of the practice is inspired by Debbie’s training at Arielle Extreme©

Vinyasa Flow-level 2/3- adventurous

This vigorous vinyasa flow class introduces advanced postures, including arm balances, inversions, and standing balances. This class emphasizes strength, endurance, and flexibilty. Experience suggested, but not required.

Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up®

Yoga Tune Up® is perfect for those who question, “Am I doing this right?” and those looking to refine their poses. Each class deconstructs a familiar yoga pose and explores movements to make the pose, as a whole, stronger and more secure. You will regress your poses to make progress in your physical practice. It’s intended to round out and inform your regular yoga practice for more longevity on the mat.

Yoga Tune Up® weaves together corrective exercises, natural movements, yoga, and self-care to help people live better in their bodies. It’s an archeological dig into yourself to navigate each fascinating region of your body as a pioneer of your own anatomy. You will learn to excavate unhealthy tension patterns, access body blind spots (underused, overused, misused, and confused areas), and discover a “new normal” of structural integrity. With regular practice, you can erase pain, improve posture, and enhance performance.


This class breaks down postures in an easy to understand sequence. This is a hold-your-pose kind of class, and a great foundation for all styles of yoga. Also a great refresher for the advanced student!

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