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Lessons From The Mat

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Eckhardt Tolle once said, “Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”
I try to think of this quote every time my mind wanders to worry. You could literally worry about everything. Your family, your friends, ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends, traffic, the weather, the economy, the election, holidays, illness, food shortages … At what point, do we throw our arms up in the air and say enough is enough?!?!
During yoga, we are asked to let go of our fears, our concerns, our troubles. Those worries out of my control are the first I let go of and I have no doubt they’re the first to go for you as well. Why not implement the yoga lesson in everyday life? Let go of those worries out of your control.
And remember this piece of advice from a very wise yogini: Do not worry your pretty little head over things you cannot control. Relax. Worry causes wrinkles.

Lessons From The Mat

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From Laughing Elephant to the Giggling Pachyderm and back

It was a good show today. We got up at 4:30a to be on site for 5a. I love my director, my cohort in tv crime who makes even early crew calls fun. So what If the lights went out and wouldn’t come back on, and we were delayed by 7 minutes…which by the way…is an eternity in tv time. Or that the  game went into OT, For once, we got it right. Sometimes it just works.

He calls our yoga studio the Giggling Pachederm. Which is apropros because we do a lot of giggling here. My director doesn’t understand yoga, nor does he care to. But he likes to do good work, and laugh along the way, and that’s basically what we do at the Laughing Elephant. So I bring the Giggling Pachederm to the tv truck, blending the good karma of one space with a completely different one, and in return take the director’s strong work ethic to the mat.

What worlds are you blending?  Do you use the best in each setting to improve them both?  We need to remember that everything is connected.  Sometimes we are the connection for good, for progress, for positivity.  Are you making all that you touch better? And are you giggling along the way? 🙂