What We Believe

Laughing Elephant Yoga is a space where one and all are welcome.

We don’t care what you look like or where you’re from.

We want you to be true to yourself. Your True Self. In fact, around here we like to say, “Be unapologetically you.”

Laughing Elephant Yoga’s mission is to create a space for yoga where you can…

  1. Be you.
  2. Break the rules when need be.
  3. Laugh often and smile lots.
  4. Curse when necessary.

We believe in love. We believe in supporting one another and lifting one another up. We believe in yoga, a healing art that fits every body, every shape, every size, every age, any experience level.

Most of all, we believe in you. 

Come as you are, and leave the rest behind.

Our door is always open for you. Call ahead, and we’ll place a mat down for you.

Laughing Elephant Yoga is the kind place where people stop by just to say hi, whether or not they’re even staying for class! Of course, we’d love for you to experience our amazing teachers and explore what yoga means to you. Our teachers agree: they are here just to offer you suggestions, and to guide your health and well-being on your mat. What you choose to do, or to leave behind, is a choice we honor.

We believe in bringing people together into a safe, protected and uplifted space where members of our community actually get to know one another, enjoy one another, and collaborate together to make Rhode Island, our home, a better place. These walls are our way of holding space for you. Everyone is welcome.

Also, we enjoy chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Our teacher really believe in the sacred art of yoga and, altogether, have studied for thousands of hours, taught thousands of classes, and traveled the world to learn and teach. They’re here because they want to share a great yoga experience with you in every class that you attend. All of our teachers want you to feel nurtured, nourished and honored on your mat. Most of all, we want you to feel really good.

The world can be a crazy place, so we make sure to remind you to giggle once in a while. Choose wine over whine. Spend more time on the beach. Give life your best effort. Don’t judge others, and be easy on yourself, too. We believe in spirituality with dogma; artistry, creativity and self-expression; sitting on the front porch on summer days, snowball fights, napping in child’s pose and loving on fuzzy animals.

Consider Laughing Elephant Yoga you’re new hOMe away from home.